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How The Garage Floor Works

The Floor System works because of how concrete is formed. Concrete is comprised of, cement and aggregate. This mixture when added to water forms a paste or cement gel. As the mixture goes through hydration the cement adhesive binds to the aggregate to form concrete and it slowly shrinks creating tiny fracture or cracks. Because of this process it actually gets weaker and creates permeability in the concrete. When a polymer is applied, it is dispersed into the capillary pores and adheres to the aggregate and cement. The hydration process continues and the polymers create a strong bond to the concrete. The polymers strengthen the concrete by filling into those tiny fractures or cracks and consume pore volume and the permeability is decreased.

For the Floor system to Adhere properly follow instructions:

  • Concrete must be cured for at least 30 Days prior to installing any garage floor coating
  • Interior Concrete floors are subject to moisture vapor drive, Moisture test should be done
  • If floor has been sealed or curing compounds have been added to concrete it must be removed mechanically with a diamond grinding or shot blasting
  • Properly prepared floor must have a minimum 5 mil profile or fill like 120 grit sand paper
  • All oil spots should be degreased and free of any contaminants
  • Remove all pre-existing coatings except epoxies that have adhered strongly to the concrete surface

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